Your engineering systems shouldn't be a Black Box.

  • Your company has invested in a modern, data-driven engineering platform;
  • Your clients are mandating structured, consistent, and earlier data hand-over;
  • Your disciplines are toiling to populate, engineer, and execute your projects;

Shouldn't there be a way to easily LEVERAGE, EXPLORE, and understand your SmartPlant Systems

Introducing Engdata IQ 

(Best viewed at 1920 x 1080p - Direct Download)


A small sample of Engdata IQ's capabilities:

What if every user was the go-to guru

Engdata IQ combines a powerful query builder, with a UI that simplifies, unifies, and illuminates the SmartPlant® data models -

Empowering your users and project delivery.


While each SmartPlant application has a unique data model, Engdata IQ leverages the commonalities to expose the objects, relationships, and properties that matter.

With powerful look-aheads, and multiple views, IQ lets you explore your data with ease and understanding.

DraG, Drop, Run

Create complex reports effortlessly - with search and filtering to find exactly the information you need.

Now you can dive into your data.

From quick ad-hoc queries, to powerful, formatted reports - IQ delivers.


Connected Reports

Export your query to Excel, Access, or SQL. Engdata IQ can build the intelligence into the file so that everyone can access real-time information, without additional software or training.

Engdata IQ for SmartPlant P&ID

Watch how IQ adds a new level of polish and efficiency to your P&ID workflows.

(1920 x 1080p - Direct Download)

Engdata IQ for Smart 3D

Watch how IQ puts information, drawings, and reports front and centre in Smart 3D. 

(1920 x 1080p - Direct Download)


Get the most from your Toolsets

Engdata IQ provides powerful features and a consistent user experience across SmartPlant P&ID, Electrical, Instrumentation, Smart 3D, and SmartPlant Foundation + Owner Operator.

These videos show only a small sample of what is possible to achieve with these tools.

For SPEL and SPI users we recommend watching the P&ID video to see the powerful exploration and reporting features available in IQ.

Engineering Software, Refined

Engdata IQ is the culmination of years of real-world experience with SmartPlant and is built on a robust, modern framework specifically designed for working with data-driven toolsets.

IQ was passionately developed with the goal of providing projects with maximized access and unsurpassed discoverability of their data.

  • IQ uses no SmartPlant APIs or licenses, all that is required is read-access to the databases and project folders.
  • IQ is completely version and database independent - work with Oracle and SQL server simultaneously across legacy and current SmartPlant projects.
  • Build once, report anywhere - re-use your reports across all projects.
  • Amazingly powerful and intuitive user experience that is immediately discoverable.


The technology behind IQ:

  • The Engdata IQ framework was designed from the ground-up with modern .Net technologies.
  • IQ is fully modular and all applications and functionality can be easily configured.
  • Every aspect of IQ is asynchronous and multi-threaded - there is never any waiting for operations to complete.
  • Rock solid stability - IQ uses a multi-process isolation architecture when dealing with any SmartPlant, or outside, applications.
  • Development best practices such as MVVM and fully tested code - software you can trust.

Engdata IQ is not simply concatenating strings to form SQL - behind IQ is fully developed graph and object relational engine that understands and optimizes the connections between your objects, data, and applications. SQL is just one possible output.




Thank you from Engdata